All the single ladies…

Does being single ever give you a sense of self satisfaction? To be surrounded by relationships and to continue being happy alone is an ultimate achievement. I look at my life and think “way to go self, way to be independent”. To succumb to loneliness is not an option. I like to think of myself as a feminist, as well as being extremely argumentative. No, I am not always right. But I like to think that I am more right than most. I also am not opposed to relationships, but have out grown rushing into them, or settling for someone who is evidently the wrong someone. I have watched my friends get into and out of the most atrocious relationships, and I am always there to pick up the pieces. I try to contain the “I told you so’s” but with each failed relationship they experience, it gets harder and harder to do. I often wonder why women deal with all the for lack of better words bullshit that men put them through. I am not saying all relationships are bad, and I know that none are perfect, but most of the relationships I have witnessed in my life are just plain pitiful. I think women in today’s society lower their expectations because the “true gentlemen” of the world are perceivably hard to find. To tolerate cheating and fighting and lying and games is to be stuck in a 7th grade drama fest that you never really got out of. The phrase says “live and learn” not “live and learn and repeat all your previous stupid mistakes.” So in summary, cheers to all you single girls out there, who do not care about having a ring on their finger by the time they graduate college. Keep doing your thing ladies. You are creating your own future and love will find you in good time. Unless you do not want it to, then kudos to you! Snuggle up with your dog, pour yourself a glass of pinot noir, and enjoy all the wonderful joys of being forever strong and single.

grump cat



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