Thoughts & feelings during your 20’s

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Your 20’s are one of the most influential, life-changing decades of your life. This is where you shape your future and you definitely want to shape it right. Not all of us travel down the same path, but I can guarantee we all encounter similar thoughts and feelings. This list is to let you know that you are not crazy, and you are not alone. We’ve all been there babe.

1) Am I going to be single forever?

By now, a lot of your friends are probably married, engaged, pregnant, or living with their significant other. Meanwhile, you’re over here snuggling with your dog and binge watching Netflix. This is all fine and dandy, but at some point you’re probably going to start thinking “Oh shit, what if I am going to be alone forever?” Settle down, it’s going to be okay, I promise. I know when you were younger you imagined being engaged by the time you graduated college, and if you’re a girl you probably have your wedding entirely mapped out on Pinterest, but everyone is different and good things take time. Finding someone you want to spend the rest of your life with should not be a rushed process. Key words “rest of your life”. If you want to make a profile on and get hitched in 3 weeks to later get divorced, then be my guest. Otherwise, calm down, enjoy being single, enjoy your freedom, enjoy having a bed entirely to yourself and sprawl out everywhere, and know that you will find someone when the time is right for YOU.

2) Why did I choose this major?

If you are in your 20’s you have probably changed your major at least once, or twice, and now you have stuck to something. Whatever you finally decided to go with is great, i’m sure, but that does not change the fact that you are going to question this decision at least once. Other people are probably going to be the root of this thought. When your Aunt Maria ask “So what do you want to do with that after you graduate?,” and she does not quite understand your answer, then you are going to be annoyed, yet also confused. You are probably going to start questioning why you chose this major? If you are ever going to find a job? Is it too late to switch to something else? Then you might take it to the extreme and start googling the job market for your major and average salaries. Then you might start panicking. Relax. Like I said, we have all had this feeling. Whatever you chose you chose for a reason. Do not doubt yourself now. Just go with it.

3) Am I a total failure at adulthood?

You live with your parents. You do not wear matching socks. You do not know how to cook anything and live off of frozen foods, and Ramen noodles (can’t leave those out). You have credit cards that are maxed out. You only do laundry when you run out of clean underwear and do not have the money to buy new underwear. When you actually have money, you spend it going out to the bar with friends. You have never dusted your apartment/dorm. You cannot figure out how to iron your dress clothes. You do not get your oil changed as often as you should. Writing a check confuses you every time. You procrastinate. You fail at something. You get fired from your job…


You are a normal person in their 20’s. Unless you’re like 29…then pull it together buddy.

4) Am I becoming an alcoholic?

During your 20’s you’re probably going to drink…a lot. And at some point you’re going to think to yourself “Wow..I drink…a lot!” Then you might start worrying that you are becoming an alcoholic, or seriously damaging your liver. We all have this thought. Some of you might actually have a problem, but most of you do not. Your 20’s are what beer pong, and flip cup, and fireball shots are for. Binge drinking at its finest. Enjoy it while you can because the older you get, the more killer the hangovers get, and the more responsibilities you have the next day.

5) Am I pregnant/Did I get someone pregnant?

One day your period might be a couple days late, or one day you might bang a girl who’s period is a couple days late and she freaks out and text you immediately, therefore freaking you out. This happens to the best of us. You are not the only one who has been there, trust me. Hopefully, it was just a scare…unless you are trying to get pregnant, then congrats! Glad it happened to you, and not me.

6) I’m fat?

During your 20’s your body is probably going to change and you might not be able to scarf down all the junk food you want without exercising at all, meanwhile maintaing a slim figure. This sucks, I know. But, inevitably this is part of growing up. Cut a couple of fatty foods from your diet, or start jogging, or get fat and love yourself the way you are. Just know, we have all been there, but this is one of those things where the outcome depends on you.

7) Oh shit, I am getting old.

This thought will surface many, many times. Maybe it’s when you realize your little sister has never heard of the Spice Girls. Maybe it’s when someone younger than you ask if they can have your old ID. Maybe it’s when you no longer get carded at the bar. Maybe it’s when you get sore after jumping on a trampoline. THE THOUGHT WILL SURFACE TIME AND TIME AGAIN. And it’s true… we are all getting older, but the key is to stay forever young at heart. Like the  grandpa dancing at the San Diego Chargers game, live it up no matter how old you are and never feel ashamed. (If you have not seen this google it, it’s on Buzzfeed and it is pure gold)

8) I just want to leave this life behind and travel the world.

Guess what? We all want to do this! This would be amazing! Unfortunately it is not in the cards for most of us. Spend your 20’s building a life for yourself so that one day you can afford to travel the world. We all have wanderlust (and about half of us have that tattooed somewhere these days).

Hope this list made you feel like a normal human being in their 20’s.

PS. Rest peacefully Paul Walker

(Varsity Blues was the shit)


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3 responses to “Thoughts & feelings during your 20’s

  1. I’m just going to say: CONGRATULATIONS FOR THIS POST.
    I identify myself with SO MANY things you just said here. It made me feel relieved to know other 20-something struggle with the same stuff! Thanks!

    Have a great weekend! This is my blog in case you want to check it out and follow back. 🙂

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