14 reasons why being alone is actually pretty fantastic

  1. You know you better than anyone
  2. You have the freedom to do whatever (or whomever) you please
  3. Me time is glee time
  4. You can walk around naked, or in a terrible outfit with bed head and no make up
  5. You can yell at the game, TV show, movie, etcetera without someone giving you a look like you’re crazy
  6. You can jam out to the music YOU want to hear (who cares if your ex hated The Beastie Boys, he isn’t around to bitch about it!)
  7. You can dance around to that very same music (but if you dance like I do, make sure your blinds are closed)
  8. You have time to really think about what you want and how you’re going to get it
  9. You also have time to sit around and do absolutely nothing but binge watch Orange Is The New Black
  10. You can drink 2 bottles of wine, or a 6 pack of beer in one night without anyone judging you
  11. You can read a book without any distractions (and by book I mean The Fault In Our Stars)
  12. You can cook whatever YOU want for dinner (or just order a large buffalo chicken pizza) it’s all up to you
  13. You can adjust the air conditioner to your liking and not have to worry about someone complaining about how it’s freezing
  14. You can perfect your Pinterest boards (how the hell did you pin a crock pot recipe onto your Fashion board in the first place)

Essentially, you can do whatever the hell you want…and that, my friends, is pretty wonderful.


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